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WOW! I really like Pan’s hair and eyes! :D Trunks looks cool too!

To my followers - PLEASE read

I made 4 new GIFs today! I’m very happy about that since I haven’t posted a lot of anything in a little while!

I VERY STRONGLY ENCOURAGE REQUESTS! It’ll keep me busy and make me happy that I’m making you happy by fulfilling the request! It’ll also show me that you care about my page, which would mean a lot! YOU will be the reason whether I keep updating the page with new stuff or not! I like making GIFs, but it makes the experience SO MUCH BETTER when people appreciate what I do!

Please show me ways you care by liking or reblogging my stuff! It makes me very happy each time someone reblogs or likes a post I put up. You have no idea how much it means to me, so PLEASE do it! It’d make me a very happy camper! :D

If you like my page, please spread the word about it to others and reblog my stuff so others get to see my GIFs! I’d appreciate it SO MUCH!

Thanks! <3

To my followers - PLEASE read

I haven’t been on much lately because I haven’t been able to come up with ideas for GIFs lately. I wanted to start making video game ones but those are harder cause they usually take more frames to look good and the way I make GIFs only allows around 20 frames for some reason. I can’t import video into Photoshop like everyone else can to make the frames because it’s not the right file type or something, and I think if I COULD, I’d be able to make longer GIFs. But whenever I download YouTube videos to make my GIFs, they always have the VLC cone next to them, and that’s probably why I can’t import them. If anyone knows how to fix this, can you reply to this post? Thanks.

And if anyone has ideas for GIFs, I’ll allow people to request them from me now so I can keep busy and get new followers and make everybody happy. I’d love new ideas.

I also have to catch up on my DBZ 30 day challenge posts. I will.

I just hope I’m not too busy now with school starting back up again to where I only come on once in a while (like I have been lately).

So that’s all I wanted to tell you! Thanks for reading!

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National Hate on Nappa Day! I think this should be a legit thing, ‘cause y’know, I can’t stand Nappa. Reblog it, like it up, make it viral!

Ghost Nappa would approve if you did.

Dragon Ball Z 30 Day Challenge - Day 13: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT?

Dragon Ball Z.

It had the most epic moments, epic fights, amazing emotional scenes… IT’S AMAZING! 

 I still love the original and GT very much though! Dragon Ball was more of an adventure, and GT combined elements of Z and the original.They’re both very enjoyable!